7 Ways To Boost Your Gut Health Naturally

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Gut microbiota refers to the healthy bacteria found in the intestinal tract. Microbiome bacteria play an important role in the digestion of food and regulation of metabolism. A healthy gut, therefore, is essential for a better quality of life.

Here are 7 ways to boost your gut health

1. Eat Food High In Fibre 

Fiber or Roughage is the part of plant-based food that the body can’t break down. Fiber helps cleanse the digestive system. Flush out harmful toxins and cholesterol in the body. Most unprocessed and natural food are high in fiber. A diverse diet and wholemeal food not only help in digestion but also add bulk to your diet. Fiber-rich diet aids loss of weight and maintaining it. Eat a plant-based diet/Vegetarian diet to promote healthy bacteria in the guts.

2.Incorporate Fermented/Cultured Food Into Your Diet

Fermentation is the breakdown of sugar by bacteria and yeast. Eating fermented food improves good bacteria in your gut. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that have health benefits when consumed. Fermented food enhances the growth of good bacteria that help lessen the presence of harmful bacteria that causes inflammation and chronic diseases. Yogurt, raw milk cheeses, sauerkraut, kimchi, Kefir are a list of food rich in probiotics. Kombucha tea-contains antioxidants and helps fight diseases and lots of harmful bacteria.

3. Eat Less Sugar And Sweeteners

Eating food high in sugar can cause gut dysbiosis which is a microbial imbalance. High-sugar and high-fat diet influences the gut bacteria, allowing harmful species to overgrow and impact blood sugar level. Imbalance in the gut microbiome can affect the brain functions.

4. Prebiotic

Prebiotics are plant fibers that help healthy bacteria grow in your gut. Prebiotic help the body absorb calcium. Prebiotic also regulates the Insulin and cholesterol levels in people who are obese.

5.Breastfeed Exclusively For Six Months

Babys Microbiota develops properly at birth. Infant’s gut microbiomes shape their metabolism and immunity. Babies microbiota continues to develop during the first 2 years helping the baby digest sugar in breast milk. Breast Milk helps infants develop healthy Microbiota which acts as a health booster later in life. Babies get prebiotics from breast milk.

6. Observe Good Dental Health

Probiotic Strains of bacteria perform protective functions in the mouth. Eating food high in sugar often leaves harmful bacteria that find a host in the mouth. Harmful bacteria eventually find their way into the guts. Regular dental routine helps keep the gut bacteria in balance. 

7. Take Antibiotics only when necessary

 Antibiotics are medicines used to treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics work by stopping or eliminating bacteria. Antibiotics have been linked to eliminations of bad and good strains of bacteria in the gut. You can eat food high in fiber to replenish the gut microbes.

Gut Microbes help the body fight harmful bacteria and fungi. Fermentation helps improves the health benefit of different food and shelf life of diverse food. An appropriate healthy lifestyle will alter the number of healthy microbes in your gut. Always take up good healthy eating habits.




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