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What is a snake plant?

Snake plant is a sword-shaped perennial evergreen plant that is smooth and almost waxy, otherwise calledMother in law tonguewhich originally came from West Africa has been adopted into most homes because of various benefits that it has.

Snake plants form as a dense stand and spread their rhizomes either below ground or on top of the soilThe snake plant is stiff and will grow upward vertically.

Snake plant trades carbon dioxide with oxygen using the Crassulaceae acid metabolism, a process that is only present in a few vegetations. Most of these vegetations usually do best in hardy areas.


These shrubs, stomata, or small openings usually found on the surface of vegetations used for the exchange of gases. The stomata will only open at night to allow the exchange of gas to avoid loss of water escaping through the day by evaporation.

Therefore, snake plant stomata will open around evening time to permit the trading of oxygen. Most plants will persistently trade gases during the day as a feature of photosynthesis. Plants oust oxygen during the day while taking in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. 


Snake plant’s stomata will trade oxygen at night beating all other plants as they lay on realizing Co2 at night and using Oxygen, most plants continuously exchange gases during the day.

The amusing part is that the Snake plant is a weed/bush in certain territories of Northern Australia. 


Advantages of snake plants

1.Absorbs  chemicals and toxins.

Human beings out carbon dioxide while most trees release oxygen. So you can imagine what a symbiotic relationship this is. Our lives have resulted in a lot of chemicals and toxins accumulating in our homes. Among these chemicals that are now existing in our homes are

> Formaldehyde

This is the recurring chemical in our homes, as it is present in so many products.

Sources of this dangerous chemical in our homes include building materials, everyday household products like cleaning products. A simple example of an everyday product is Hair spray. Most of us use or have these products in our household. Hair spray contains formaldehyde.


Toluene toxins are found in nail polish, paint removers, stain removers, glues, and solvents. The chemical is usually used as a preservative, sterilizer, and embalmer.

> Benzene

Benzene is another chemical found in most of our homes. Most of the detergents we use in our homes contain benzene. WowI would never have guessed that too. These things everyday products are readily accessible and most of what we use in our homes. The department of health and human science has determined that benzenes are carcinogenic and can cause cancer in humans.

This is not to scare you, but we all know that knowledge is power.

Snake plants can absorb and help remove toxins and chemicals like Benzene, Toluene, Formaldehyde. It can help defend against the longterm effects of these chemicals.

  1. 2. Snake plant is an Exceptional Air purifier.

The snake plant is among the top air purifier plants. Most plants emit oxygen during the day because of photosynthesis however at night they release  co2. Snake plants however do the opposite. Snake plants respire oxygen throughout the night. This doesn’t just help to improve the circulation of quality air, but also aid in a night of good sleep.

  1. 3. It has a beautiful, vibrant green color

The snake plant has a vibrant green color. The color is more pronounced when the plant is receiving an adequate amount of water and light. If the snake plant color is turning a Tard yellow, that should be a sign that you are over-watering your plant. Place your plant in a dry, warm place to allow the extra moisture to escape.

  1. 4. Snake plant is effective against allergies

Snake plantsmode of existence is that it will continuously dispense oxygen, yet also releasing moisture back into the atmosphere. This reduces the impact of air allergen, including dust and Darden. Snake plant is, therefore, a simple way to impact your health in a positive way.

  1. 5. Requires Minimum attention.

Snake plants require little looking after. If you have a busy schedule or someone who often has to travel for business. Snake plants wouldn’t die on you.  Snake plants thrive on minimal water and light.

Snake Plant Propagation

snake plants propagation will entail a few requirements but will mostly thrive even in smaller planting pots as their rhizomes multiply.

Snake plants will experience low to no attack from pests and disease therefore it means it’s very convenient and low maintenance.

You do not need to fertilizer the snake plant as it will do well, mostly on its own. The only challenge is over-watering therefore you will need to reduce your watering periods.

Water Multiplication

Multiplying a snake plant  by water breeding  is an agile way to  have a new set of snake plants

Cut or snipe rhizomes about 34 inches of the shrub or flower because it needs to stand in an upright orientation.

Place the cuttings in a container that has water covering the cuttings tissue.

Ensure you place the new plant jar/bin where direct sunlight will not reach, also ensure to change the water in the plant bin/jar as often as possible. Once the plant has shown shoots, you can then transfer it to a normal container and follow the normal snake plant’s care.

Soil Breeding

This step is almost like the normal breeding step for every other plant. You only need to break the Rhizomes of your existing plant into smaller pieces. Ensure that the fresh cutting of your snake plants has at least one healthy leaf plant. Transfer your new cuttings to new jars or bins and continue the routine snake plant care.

If, for instance, at the time of propagating your new plants. The new cuttings have different variegations. This shouldn’t worry you. Follow the normal snake plant care routine, and eventually, the new plants will revert to the beautiful, vibrant green color.

Snake plant growing period

Snake plants’ growing period differs based on the form of propagation you have used. Snake plants are very slowgrowing plants and it can take a plant 68 weeks for the shoots to show.

Water propagation is the fastest and can take between 15 days30 days for the shoots to show. Just ensure to change the water regularly as stated earlier and place your plant where it will get sufficient light.

Always remember the trick in getting any highquality plants is in the waiting.

If you found these useful, Kindly share them with your friends and let me know of any questions you have.

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