The 10 Ways To Break Into Freelancing {Work From Home} ,Earn Extra Money

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The current pandemic has impacted all of us, and now we are faced with a new normal. No one wants to risk commuting, share a stuffy office so they can earn a living.

Maybe you are looking for a job after the challenges of losing one or just following the stay at home orders. More jobs are now going online, remote jobs are now the number one priority.

What is a remote job? A job that you can do that isn’t tied to a physical location.

Whether you have always dreamed of doing your job remotely or just in need of that extra gig, I have listed 10 work from home side hustles you can venture into to earn money.


A person who provides academic tutelage or support to one or more people is called a tutor. Tutoring remotely has been made possible through utilizing sites such as Google classroom, Zoom, Webinars to offer lessons to students. Whether you are a certified professional or you are skilled, you can tutor people online for a fee. Music tutors can now offer online lessons. A techie can now tutor in diverse tech topics.

2.Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person offering support to businesses remotely. The demand for a virtual personal assistant has been on the rise. Since most office assistants can’t go to work, business managers now need remote assistants to assist in their scheduling of meetings, calendars, emails or even managing their media pages.


A blogger is someone who makes money blogging either by monetizing their views or helping others through writing. A blogger makes money by placing ads or banners on their site. Each time a reader clicks on your ad you are paid.

4.Customer Service Agent

Customer service tasks are mostly done through phone or email.  This service involves talking to customers via email or telephone resolving their problems. You can now help take care of customer’s needs remotely and get paid.

5.Freelance Writer

You can now share your passion, ideas through writing, and get paid. The increase in digital publications has led to the demand for content. More and more services now need content writers for their blogs, websites, or social media pages. You can join sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and bid on freelance jobs.

6.Graphic  designer

Web content often needs graphics to accompany their post. As a graphic designer, you can offer your creative services and get paid.


Transcription is the most popular remote job due to the flexibility and the ease to get into. Many transcription companies hire remote transcribers. Sites such as  Scribie, TranscribeMe, have remote roles for transcribers.


An editor is in charge of producing errorfree text/written material while ensuring that its engaging, and accessible to readers. The need for editors is immense due to the high demand for digital content on the rise. You need a keen eye for details, can spot errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

9.Social Media Manager

Many businesses require social media managers to post on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and respond to inquiries from clients. You can offer these services at the comfort of your home with just a laptop, and an internet connection. Take it upon yourself and contact the businesses and offer your services for a fee.

  1. Open a Craft Store

Create a craft shop on Etsy and sell homemade unique craft items. Etsy is an online store that allows you to sell handmade goods on the internet. Find time visit Kariokor market find unique artifacts, take good pictures, and post them on your shop. Etsy allows you diverse clients from across the world.

The convenience of the internet has allowed us to tap into the fast amount of opportunities. Choose a method that 

utilizes your set skills, and deliver a great amount of value.





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